Globes - Replogle Mova Inflatable Glass Globes

 Just about everyone has had some kind of pleasant experience with a globe. As children, one of the first things that we learned about our planet came with the help of one of these objects, and each and every day – children are getting hands-on with them. It’s fantastic, as there are definitely a lot of reasons why these are so widely used for geographical learning, and while we are seeing technology take a bit of precedent, there is no reason to believe that the globe is going anywhere, as they have an appeal that many feel is impervious to technological innovation.

There are a multitude of reasons for this. First and foremost, there is nothing that can beat tactile learning. While there definitely are children and adults that can learn without manipulating their objects, there are even more than will experience some great benefit from learning from globes. They’re just one of those things that are just irreplaceable in that sense, although, there certainly are some other reasons why globes are generally viewed as being some of the best learning aids when it comes to geography – even when stacked up against a map, something that is generally much more commonly utilized in classroom across the western world.




Also, when you’re thinking about globes – you’ve got to talk about how good they can look, as you won’t find that there is a shortage stylistically or in construction. You literally have a world full of options when it comes to the type of item that you want, whether it’s a traditional style or bar globe. While the latter is mostly relegated to entertaining, it’s still testament to the myriad of globes that you can buy, and that’s just touching on the different styles – not the various materials, color combinations, or the various detailing options that are readily available through many different retailers.

Let’s take materials used as an example. You’ll essentially find just about anything that you want, ranging from plastic to the more exquisite gemstone. The color combinations range from modest to absolutely robust, which allows for them to be incredible in many different rooms and for a multitude of varying purposes. In short, we don’t think that you will have a lot of problems when it comes finding the globe that you’re looking for, even if you find yourself to be one of the most discerning and hard to please people on the planet.




Some of the most popular models include Replogle globes, glass globes, floor globes, globes for kids, Mova & solar globes, decorative desk models, cram models, desktop educational models, plastic earth models, floating models, small mini and hanging models, levitating and celestial globes and more!

When you’re looking for a globe, allow us to supply you with something that will really catch your eye, as we do have a plethora that has the ability to do so. But, the selections that we carry do much more than just stand out from the pack – they do serve a great educational purpose, which is the most important thing for any person currently on the market. Fortunately, you will find that each and every globe that we carry walks the balance of aesthetics and functionality, which is ideal for any person who has a love for geography.