Floor Globes - Standing Replogle Stand Globe

Combining Education and Style in your Home or Office with Floor Globes

Our world may be getting smaller as far as how we communicate is concerned but physically it’s still a vast area which we don’t always realize. It’s not until you see a representation of our countries, continents and oceans that you really understand just how big a planet we live on. This is perfectly captured by a variety of educational as well as decorative floor globes which are prominent in many people’s homes today. As our interest in our world and how it works continues to grow, so too does the popularity of these products in many modern homes.


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For many homeowners these products are an elegant and stylish addition to a bedroom, office or area where you entertain friends and family. For others they are an excellent educational resource especially if you have kids or teens in your home. Some are even used as alternative drinks cabinets which often become the centrepieces of many people’s homes and offices. Depending on your budget you can purchase these products with many other additional features. Some have spinning features while others can be illuminated.

When we think of these products we normally associate them with models of planet earth. However for those who want something different there are also celestial floor globes which give you an insight into many of the planets which surround us as well as being a stylish addition to any room.

When it comes to these types of products manufacturers like Columbus, Merske and Mova Globes are just some of the suppliers who provide a range of options and features. The globe and stand for these items are made from various materials such as wood, plastic and metal with a range of colors, heights and diameters to choose from. These variables normally depend on the size, decor and type of room you will be placing this type of item in.




Different styles exist today giving homeowners a number of choices. Some depict the oceans in blue with each country represented by a color such as yellow and green, while others made from wood retain their natural look with a varnish finish and different wood color shades. This array of styles means you now have a choice of many stylish contemporary models or elegant antique models depending on the decor of the room you will be putting this type of item into.

Pictures of the earth from space have become iconic images ever since we first went into space and were able to look down on our planet. For centuries we have wanted to find out more about what our planet looks like with many ideas, maps and models which were not always accurate. However, today’s floor globes bring this knowledge into our homes. In the past these types of products were mainly found in schools or colleges but they have evolved to become much more than that with many now acting as stylish additions to many people’s homes and offices.

You can usually find floor globes for sale from online retailers at very reasonable prices, since online shops tend to order directly from manufacturers and can charge lower prices as a result.  The Replogle floor globe is one of our favorites and I even bought one for my home.  A globe with stand included is usually necessary unless the globes attached to "legs" already, in which case a floor standing globe ships as just one big piece.  Whatever you choose, make sure it highlights your home the way you want!