World Globes - Floor & Gemstone Kids Globes

World globes have been around for quite some time, made with many different materials and colors that are meant to capture the eye, entice, and teach people about the various countries and areas in our world. They have been a mainstay in just about every classroom on the planet. While they have always been pretty important, it seems as if people are more interested in them because of the internet. These days, the world seems to be connected in a way that we’ve never been before, as it’s not difficult for us to easily talk to someone on the other side of the world.

This is something that a lot of people do regularly, and with that being the case, it’s a great idea for us to understand who we’re talking to. But, most people view the globe as something that’s mostly used for children. This is understandable, and the world globe is absolutely integral to understanding the placement of countries on the planet, something that provides a pretty good scope of reality for children. The truth is that the map, while useful, is absolutely poor at conveying circumference. The earth is round, and unfortunately, the flat map doesn’t have the ability to drive that point home for a child.




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But, other than that, there are some other advantages of using globes that can really help kids, or anyone who doesn’t have a good grasp on the world’s countries, continents, or bodies of water. Most people learn better with tactile learning, and world globes can provide the perfect avenue for that. There have been a multitude of studies conducted that state that people learn better if they can actually experience the facts physically. And while the map can serve that purpose to certain extent, it pales in comparison to what the globe can provide, as it provides the ability to be manipulated. This is a very important thing for those people who learn by doing.

In addition to kinesthetic learning, there is another huge benefit to owning a globe. They can be decorative, and can be a great addition to a person’s home. Even the most discerning person could find an item that they appreciate, as there are a multitude of different materials used to create them. There are gemstone globes, magnetic globes that seemingly float in the air, as well as those extra-large floor globes. And these are just the types of globes – not the variety of colors that are available from any given seller.






There are many great world globes for sale including world globes for kids, floor world globes, gemstone world globes and more. Inflatable globes are quite popular despite being pretty cheap while in the more medium range you can find illuminated, glass, lighted, decorative miniature mini models, world globes and more. Popular brands include Replogle and George F Cram models.

In summation, the world globe is an item that we think should be in every home, office, and learning institution. They are absolutely great learning tools and can easily be used as a decorative item, or even a gift for someone who has an interest in geography. They’re available just about everywhere, and have the potentiality to fit into any price range very comfortably, regardless of what you may be looking for as far as aesthetics are concerned – if you’re even concerned with that at all.